IFRS 16 Leases LOIS Implementation Leasing Software New Accounting Standard

Quadrent signs LOIS lease accounting agreement with Oceania

By Paula Macris Feb 5, 2019 8:48:13 AM

Quadrent, providers of the LOIS SaaS lease accounting platform, is proud to announce that Oceania have signed and are in the process of implementing the LOIS solution for their transition to IFRS 16.

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As a key aged care provider with a diverse range of leased assets, Oceania intends to use the full functionality of LOIS that enables seamless lease portfolio management across property, fleet and equipment leases, while also providing a comprehensive lease accounting tool to manage IFRS 16’s reporting and ongoing business-as-usual requirements.

 With the insight from a wide range of successful LOIS implementations for global clients and their IFRS 16 transitions, Quadrent is excited to make this software project as efficient as possible for Oceania and deliver a full compliance solution that enhances their leasing objectives.

Find out more about LOIS here.